Thrive Fitness Club

Holy smokes folks...combine a gorgeous facility with a killer workout and you have two happy mommas over here.  We are thrilled to share our experience at Thrive Fitness Club which is located in St. Charles.  The studio is tucked away in an industrial area of town.  As you drive up you ASSUME its going to be a typical warehouse gym....kinda dirty, kinda cold, maybe a few dust bunnies floating around lol.  NOT.THE.CASE.  This gym is simply gorgeous!!  From the moment we opened that door we knew we were in for a treat.

We have our eye on a shirt and hat ;)  

Where the magic, i.e. work, happens

We started off stepping onto their Inbody scale and meeting quickly with one of our trainers Anthony.  He explained our results which included hydration measurements, body fat composition and a very interesting calculation of how much weight each individual limb could support.  This is such a special service for clients.  They are welcome to step on the scale any time and track their progress.  Talk about a way to stay accountable! Could have used this bad boy right after Halloween and Thanksgiving lol!!!

Moment of truth...

Good news is we are well hydrated and in shape 

Next, it was time to get to work.  We started off our Thrive Strong workout with foam rollers.  Hurts so good!  We did some additional stretches to get our muscles prepped for the butt kicking ahead.

Feels so good

Stretching out the quads

The first half of our workout was a small group strength workout.  We had 1 coach to 4 clients.  We love this model.  You get the attention you need and the chance to socialize and meet new people! For us, working out is more than just physical.  We love the chance to chat a little and experience life with others.  We had 4 stations each focusing on a different part of the body.  We rotated through each 3 times and then a new set of exercises were explained to us.  We give this gym major props for their creativity on exercises.  We really enjoyed the change up from traditional lunges and squats!

20 lb weights- a little different from our 2/3 lb ones

Thanks for the spot Coach Anthony! 

The second half of class was designed to get our hearts pumping even more.  We had 8 stations to work through-35 seconds each with 15 seconds rest (aka move your butt to the next station).  We completed 3 circuits and were gassed at the end.   Oddly enough the mountain climbers on sliders about killed us both...who would have thought???

We challenge you to try this at some point!  

Sleds---an old friend 
That ball weighs 8 lbs! 

To complete our session at Thrive we got a whole lot of high-fives from coaches and clients.  A reminder that we are all in this together; proud and grateful to be able to challenge our bodies the way we did.  What an awesome sense of satisfaction and pride...all before 8 am on a Saturday!!

What we wore

High waisted Vimmia leggings had great support for this workout!  Here is a similar pair with a little shine to get you thru the holidays:)

I seem to always be cold lately so I opted for a light weight long sleeve like this one!

Love my Brooks running shoes!  Make sure you wear clean shoes so as not to mess up their perfectly clean floors!!

High waisted Nancy Rose star pants were perfect for this workout.  With all the moving we were doing, I didn't have to adjust them one time. 

I have been super into longer sports bras lately.  The one I wore today was from DYI and it has become a new favorite.  I also love this similar style one from Lululemon. 

Target has been my go-to lately for inexpensive fun tank tops.  My "Wicked Smaht" tank I had on today was from a Target in Boston a couple of years ago but it is still one of my favs.
Here is a new one that I like.

I was super excited to test out my new Brooks running shoes.  I wear my shoes out in about 6 months so it was time for me to buy the updated version of my shoes.  They felt awesome!

While our Thrive Fitness Club workout wasn't the type of workout we typically do, we both left very excited and eager to come back.  In addition to the Thrive Strong class we took they also offer Thrive Burn class which is a metabolic acceleration class. It sounds brutal and right up our alley;)

We left Thrive Fitness Club feeling welcomed, spoiled and challenged.  If you're looking for a place that has it all...look no further!!  The space and amenities far exceed any club we've been to. You can visit their website for some great intro offers to check their space out. 


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